Below is a selection of my clients over the years:


This is what my clients have to say about my translation and proofreading services...

"Your work was excellent! Thank you very much. I look forward to working with you again in the future." [translation of a software manual for a Swiss federal department]

H.B., in-house translator/proofreader of a Swiss federal department, Berne, Switzerland

"Could you please have a look at the enclosed text and let me know if you would be able to translate it. Just out of interest, you did something for them before and they have specifically asked for you again. Many thanks." [translation of a mutual recognition agreement]

N.H., in-house translator of a Swiss federal department, Berne, Switzerland

"I am very happy with your translations." [translations for a Swiss federal department]

N.H., in-house translator of a Swiss federal department, Berne, Switzerland

"Thank you for your excellent translation, which has also drawn my attention to mistakes in the original text in Italian." [translation of a geology report]

G. P., Lugano, Switzerland

"A few months ago you translated my CV. I just wanted to tell you that in the meantime I have found a new job! I wanted to thank you once again for your translation!" [translation of a CV]

O. D., Coop, Switzerland

"I have been offered a job at a very good clinic in London. No doubt thanks to a good letter!" [translation of a job application cover letter]

P. B., physician, Switzerland

"Everything worked out just fine: We are leaving for the States tomorrow." [translation of documents and certificates for immigration to the US]

L. S., Switzerland

"Thank you very much for translating my text: your translation is absolutely perfect and fully meets my expectations!" [translation of a job application]

E. B., Berne, Switzerland

"The effect of your translation was magical. Truly. The priest actually switched to English at one point using your translation. Well done and thank you." [translation of a couple's Swiss wedding cerimony for English-speaking relatives visiting from Canada]

P. S., Switzerland

"Perfect!!! Once again thank you very much, it was a real pleasure to work with someone as professional as you." [translation of references for a job application]

S. H., Switzerland

"Many thanks for your comments, corrections and remarks on my document. I'm very happy with the result!" [proofreading of CV]

M. L., ABB, Switzerland

"I and all the people who have read your translation would like to compliment you on it. We have our own translator, who is very good but doesn't manage to capture everything the writer really means to say in a given context, so often the translation leaves a bit of a sour taste in one's mouth. It is rare to find someone who manages to translate exactly what is in your head: I think it is a gift. I'm really very happy with this collaboration in setting up our website. You are superb, Tanya. If we need translations again in the future, I will not hesitate to mention your name." [translation of a website]

M. V. B.

"I have had a closer look at your translation: well done! You have managed to give the text that extra touch which will make people say 'Yes! That looks gorgeous: I'd love to stay there!'" [marketing material for a four-star hotel in Locarno]

G. Z., translation coordinator

"I have spoken to a colleague of mine, who compliments you on your translation!" [translation of tourist information]

R. G. M., tourism organisation, Ticino, Switzerland

"Thank you for your excellent work and for the fast turnaround!" [translation of a Q&A list for a press conference in the US]

S. M., managing director of a company specialising in alternative renewable energy sources, Chiasso, Switzerland

"Many thanks. You have done a professional job!" [translation of a business letter for Management]

K. L., managing director of a Swiss engineering firm

"THANK YOU! YOU HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB!" [translation of marketing material]

L. E., Internet solution provider, Lugano, Switzerland

"Thank you very much for the fast service! I am very happy with your translation." [translation of a newspaper article]

M. H., Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), Switzerland

"Thank you very much again for your translation. I have to compliment you on your work: you have done a great job. We will gladly contact you again for future translations." [translation of business correspondence]

T. S., logistics firm in Laubach, Germany

"Your translation looks perfect (as usual). You have succeeded in rendering the exact meaning of the original. Thank you very much for your fast, highly accurate work!" [translation of a contract for the funding of film production projects]

L. H., film production foundation, Lugano, Switzerland


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