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Choose the right person for the job!

There are a few things you need to know when choosing a translator or proofreader...

Professional translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue as that is essential for a job well done. If they master a second language well enough (mother-tongue level), they will be able to translate into that language, too, but only from their mother tongue and will involve a second translator to check their work. A translation will never live up to your quality expectations if the translator flouts this fundamental rule.

Having a poor translation revised will end up costing you more than having the job done properly the first time.

Translation is a craft that takes years of training and experience to master. Translators are first and foremost professional writers who are capable of producing texts that accurately convey the message of the original text and that read well in the target language: Simply being a native speaker or bilingual is no guarantee of written fluency or skill in translation.

If you want direct contact with the person translating your text, and if consistency of terminology is important to you (in the case of repeat translations), then you should choose a translator rather than a translation agency as agencies often prohibit contact between the client and the translator. Besides, agencies offer no guarantee that your texts will be translated by the same person every time.

Agencies take a commission on translations, leaving the translator earning less than they would usually. A translator earning less may not give your document the same level of attention that it deserves.

Translators who ask questions are doing their job properly. No one reads your texts more carefully than your translator. Along the way, he or she is likely to identify mistakes or points requiring clarification. That is good news for you as it will allow you to improve your original copy.

Translators specialise in different areas. No single translator will accept to translate in every domain: if they do, it is likely that you are not dealing with a professional. A professional translator will know when to decline a job and refer you to a colleague with the necessary expertise.

Don't trust Google to translate your important documents for you because a poor translation will cost you a lot more than a good one!


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